Reach your audience.

Imagine being able to transmit your advert to 100s of sims right across the Second Life grid. Manage them from a single adserver that you rent just like a standard adboard.

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Advertising venues

252 Choco - Full Sim Land 1008Sq 307 prims on Sale! for Rent Teleport
253 Cuties Escort & Dance Club =^_^= Teleport
254 The Casa World Teleport
255 The Amaze Shop Select at Nautilus - Melqart Teleport
256 MBC LTD Rentals* & Office Cheap Rentals Teleport
257 Manus Hotel Teleport
258 Polasido (44,160) Adult 1536m Teleport
259 MY VENUE Teleport
260 Tokyo Seaside -- TMC LAND RENTAL Teleport
261 Imagine Satallite Work Station Teleport
262 Kabuki Teleport
263 Eagle Estates Sandbox Teleport
264 Gales Roadside Ditch: Irish Pub Teleport
265 The SeaSide Mall Teleport
266 Eagle Estates Teleport
267 Miller :: Protected Roadside Ad/Primland 32m2 / Moderate Teleport
268 16 sqm roadside Advertising spot Teleport
269 AFK Dreams - Live your dreams and fantasies - Teleport
270 Manus Hotel Teleport
271 Snuffles Headquarters - Breedables Teleport
272 The Jinn Island(128,168) Moderate Teleport
273 A Dragons Lair Teleport
274 Eagle Estates Teleport
276 Eagle Estates Sandbox Teleport
277 Swedish Erotica Camping Teleport
278 Draco135 ~ Stairway to Hea/en Teleport
279 Town Nightfire Family Communty Teleport
280 All Things Amazing Holdings at Stingray Teleport
281 Nylon`s & Dream`s Teleport
282 Eagle Estates Sandbox Teleport
283 Flame Design Land Teleport
284 Shadow Wood Teleport
285 Sixx Design - Mesh, Clothing, Shoes, Skin and X-Pics Adult Teleport
286 Fruits of Passion Strip Club Teleport
287 The Raptured - Club, Brothel and Burlesque Dancers / Escorts Teleport
288 KS Teleport
289 DFS PLANET Teleport
290 MAYA CITY Teleport
291 Holi Beach Teleport
292 ~~ Nymphomaniac Paradise, Crazy Creators, Rockschuppen ~~ Teleport
293 aSea view , nice place for vacation and shop Teleport
294 Star Syndicate (Under Construction) Spaceship Club,Mall Teleport
295 Miss Moneypennys Teleport
296 Adult Sandbox Teleport
297 Giffen Landings Teleport
298 Darks Angels Bloodline Blood Bank Teleport
299 Darks Angels Bloodline Blood Bank Teleport
300 KS Teleport

Earn Linden Dollars with adboards on your land.

Place them on your land to register automatically. Once you have enough click earnings visit our Headquarters and touch the ATM Machines to cash your earnings out.

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