Our mission

We're a virtual company with a goal to attract and connect best talents with best ideas. We aim to create new fun game and business simulations that grow economy on social platforms and create new experiences. We grow communities that enrich individuals within fun and educational game simulations.

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Our Real-Time Shareprice.

Second Ads is listed on the Second Life Capital Exchange stock trading simulation game (www.slcapex.com).

Bidding price: L$
Asking price: L$
Outstanding shares: 1,750,000
Market valuation: L$0

Make Second Life a better place.

We're working with Second Life's landowners, merchants and ordinary players to help get the grid back to growth by changing entirely the way players aspire, interract and achieve in their Second Life.

#1  Aspiration.

What do avatars in Second Life really aspire to? If we're going to make Second Life grow once again we have to make avatars aspire to more than they are right now.

#2  Interraction.

It's no longer good enough for Second Life to be a series of isolated communities. We need to get everyone socialising and enjoying the Second Life experience as one.

#3  Achievement.

Avatars have to have something to aim for in their Second Life. We're changing the way achievement is measured and progressed.

Company Officers.

Wili Clip.

Community Manager.

Every company has a leader and Wili Clip fits this role perfectly. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and he knows how to get the best out of his people. A visionary figure who fuels his innovation by studying trends and human behaviour.

If that wasn't enough hes also a very strong scripter with the ability to plan and build incredibly complex server-side systems.


Advertising Director of SecondAds.

AmyNevilly is an expert in viral marketing techniques. She has a long history of repeatedly reinventing Second Life marketing to outmaneuver any competition.

She's also a strong scripter and product designer - able to develop products in her own right.

Product Development Team.

SecondAds cooperates with many talented people to bring innovative products to Second Life. Our team consists of people from all over the globe, working tirelessly to develop innovative new products and services to help make Second Life a better place.

We only work with the best designers and scripters in Second Life.

And let's not forget our diligent Game Masters and Customer Support staff.

SecondAds is blessed with some of the most dedicated and talented Game Masters and Customer Support staff in Second Life. These guys really do go the extra mile to help players and support our thriving community. Don't forget to thank them the next time you see them!

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