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Frequently Asked Questions.

We've Dedicated this page to answering the questions that our customers frequently have regarding our services.

Second Ads Grid Wide Ad Network.

How do I start an advert on your network?

You start an advert in the same way as you would for a normal adboard. Visit our headquarters adcenter, find an available adserver from one of the many on the walls and follow the instructions that it gives you.

What resolution do you recommend for ad textures?

We recommend either 512px x 512px or alternatively 1024px x 1024px if you want it to show a bit higher resolution.

What is the minimum budget and why is there one?

The minimum budget is 1000L$. This is because advertising space on our network is very valuable and the network would become crowded with poor-quality advertisements if we did not set such a budget.

As a publisher how many clicks do I need before I can withdraw?

You need to earn 100L$ per individual adboard before you can withdraw. So for example, if you have 3 adboards with 120L$, 75L$ and 20L$ you would be able to withdraw a total of 120L$.

Do I get a discount on advertising if I decide to place adboards on my land as well?

Yes, if you become a publisher you'll get a 30% discount on advertising on our network automatically.

Can I change my advert?

Yes, you can change your advert up to 2 times during your advertisement campaign. Just rent your new ad into new AD Server withou paying for budget in and then Contact our staff, or file a support ticket using our website if you are unable to get in touch and we'll transfer your budget from your old ad to your new one.

Do you grant refunds if I want to terminate my ad campaign early?

No, under our End User Licence Agreement we do not grant refunds. It is up to the advertiser to plan their advertisement campaign for the duration.

Am I allowed to click my own adboard to earn linden, or encourage others to do so?

No, we classify this as click fraud - effectively you are stealing from advertisers. Our systems are highly evolved to deal with click fraud and you will find that the system actually ends up paying the advertiser a bonus out of your funds. What is more we have a team dedicated to patrolling our network on a daily basis and automated alerts.

Gadget Products.

Do you grant refunds on gadgets?

In most cases under our End User Licence Agreement we do not grant refunds. We may consider refunds or replacements if a gadget fails in some way.