Worm farming. While it does sound strange, worm farming can actually be a great way to earn L$ here. Worm farming does take a little money to invest to get started but in no time, you will be earning your money back and then some!

There is a few things you will need to get your farm up and running:

*Prices for biowaste can move up and down based on supply and demand.

So the prices are as follows:
Farm: $2,490L
Breeding Pack: $10L
Biowaste*: $36L (Remember you need 12, at about $3L each)
Water: $47L (This is after you buy 2000 Gold tokens near the water)

Have everything you need now? Great! You are almost ready to watch them grow! With everything in your inventory, head home.

Step 1: Find your farm, then click and drag it out to the ground. You should now see a mound of dirt.
Step 2: Find your Breeding Pack and drag it out and on top of the dirt. You should now see a bag full of worms sitting on top of the dirt.
Step 3: Click on the bag of worms to claim them to be used on your farm.
Step 4: Click on the dirt bed to bring up the farm menu. Click Add Pack, then Add Water, and finally Add Bio.

The status above your farm should now show Small Worms Farm 0% completed. It should now take about 48 hours for them to be ready to use or sell. Want to know exactly how much time you have left to wait? Just click on the dirt bed and it will post the time remaining for you. "Small Worms Farm B2: Your worms batch will be ready in 47 hours, 29 minutes, 48 seconds." After the cycle is done, the farm is reusable, all you need is more bio, water and another breeding pack(see above for pricing).

Soon you will have 100 worms ready for you to fish with, or sell on the Small worms exchange. After collecting your worms you will gain 1 experience point. Gain enough and you will go up in farming levels, unlocking better worms for you to grow. (Check your experience and level at TOP Worm Farmers RANK chart)

Selling worms on the exchange is how you can earn your profit as well as get the money you need for more supplies for another cycle on your farm. For instance, based on the price list, we spent $93L on supplies, but we can turn around and put those worms on the exchange to sell for $1.3L each and we would make $130L. That is a $37L profit for just a few clicks. But keep it mind, the market moves up and down so that price might not always be the same, but in no time you too will master the market.




Author: Creed Crowley


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